Saturday, June 28, 2008

Humerous subject name.

So I think the last post I made was ages ago. A few weeks or something. I'm lazy like that, but here you are reading it anyway, so I've not been punished for my lack of updates.
My computer seems to have died on me. A bit of hard drive failure. I say a bit, but you know it's dead when Spinrite won't even help. And Spinrite always helps. So today's picture was drawn in paint because I'm on my sister's computer.
AARrrrghh. If there isn't a problem with my car, there's a problem with my computer. Speaking of my car, it's running better than ever. Maybe it's a see-saw situation - if I destroy my computer completely my car will turn into a Bugatti.

So I suppose one or two of you out of the three that read this have been wondering what I've been up to. Since telling you what I've been doing is what blogs are for. They weren't really created for whining, but 5 million emos might disagree.
There's been a lot of job applying and very little money earning, time spent with friends, time drinking, time regretting time drinking, and more job applying. I'm on a cycle of those things.
I think I'm actually starting to learn my way around the city now, thanks to all the time spent there recently. It's not as confusing as I once thought it was, but it's still just as expensive as I remember. As the knowledge of the city layout expands, so does my hatred for trains. How can it be that they smell worse exponentially? And the other passengers seem to be drunker and drunker. Some drunk girl on Wednesday had her ass cheeks up against the window while standing on the seat, mooning some guy who just got off the train. While hilarious, it's not the kind of thing one enjoys so close to their head.
Yesterday on the way home from a mate's I was lucky enough to get on the V-line. No drunk smelly people there, oh no. Huge comfortable seats. Clean too! And I could swear it was faster. That luck soon ran out when I had to get onto the Belgrave line though. Something like three trains before the one I was going to board had been cancelled, and the platform was more packed than I'd ever seen one. I held witness to the fastest seat-grabbing in history when the doors opened. It was like life or death musical chairs, standing being the death of your leg muscles. Also there was no music. I was somehow swept to the front of the justling and into a seat, I still don't know how. There was hardly room to breath in there. A guy was removed from the train because the doors tried to close on him. He was bald. And then angry.

On an unrelated note, I need somebody to make me a painting. A painting of Chuck Norris punching a lion in the face with it in a headlock, while holding a live grenade in his teeth. The background has to be made of nothing but fire, scorpions and sharks.
WHAT AM I DOING? I could be downloading last week's episode of Doctor Who!!
Alright, you can stop panicking. It's downloading now.

So I think that's all I can really bring myself to type right now, I'm being distracted by the smooth crooning voice of Michael Bublè. He's totally wicked.


  1. Public transport sucks balls.

  2. I made this 4 you <3