Friday, October 28, 2011

On Doing Better

All my drawings up to this point have been flat and two-dimensional. Not in the witty I'm-joking-because-they're-pictures way, but in the way that they lack a sense of physical depth to the scene. It really pisses me off, and is one of the reasons I start disliking most of them as soon as they're finished. Today's (actually Tuesday's) drawing is my first real attempt at breaking out of that 2D habit I have. That and the other habit of drawing only the subject and background. I tried to make this more visually appealing by showing more happening than somebody/thing just standing there, and I think I did that.

In my mind, this is the first step in the journey out of The Gap.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Every day I'm bufferin'

Drawing of a joke between my brother and I from years ago. 

I can't remember why we were watching F1 speed boating. We were probably bored.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Moose Viking

Jess tells me that there are moose in Sweden, but she hasn't seen any. So naturally that resulted in a request for a drawing of a Viking riding one.

I wanted to do a Frazetta kind of style for this, but that would take eight million hours to do properly, so I opted for a cartoony sort of Frazetta.
Still not sure how finished this is. I'm only now just noticing how tiny the Viking is compared to the moose. But that's okay; a giant moose is an awesome moose. The background should probably be more than just some colours. However, adding more background definition would require time and effort, and I am tired.

Exeunt Scott.