Monday, June 2, 2008


Quite a simple procedure, yet sometimes you still get the odd cut. But there are few people with the amazing ability to cut themselves shaving while using an electric razor. I am of course one of these people. Don't ask me how, it's just one of those incredible skills of mine.

So it's about that time of year when I decide to get fit again. This seems to happen every year. It's as annual as a summer girlfriend.
Got up this morning and did lots of sit ups and weight-lifts. I'm not even going to mention how many push ups because the small amount I'm capable of is just embarrassing. 7am every morning is now exercise o'clock. I'll keep it up this time, you'll see. -EDIT: I totally didn't keep it up.

Ooh, also, I get The Fortress (my car) back from the mechanic today! Woo!
It had this problem where it turned off all the time. When it's facing down a slight incline for example. Or if I stopped too fast. Or if I took my foot of the accelerator for any reason. It was pretty ill. But hopefully the surgery went well and it's ready for action!

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