Saturday, June 7, 2008

Don't talk to strangers

A little difficult when your part time work is nothing but going to strangers' houses. And giving them their dinner of course. I don't just go there to hang out.
Tonight one of the regular delivery customers gave me a beer! Apparently he was all out of loose change. I'd rather a beer any day, forget the change. Mum never told me anything about not drinking alchohol given to you by strangers. I'm drinking it right now!
Free beer is the best beer.

Not that you're particularly interested, but I've been keeping up with the exercising and the whole normal-people sleeping pattern. I'm actually enjoying it a bit! The number of sit ups/push ups/what-have-you that I can do has greatly improved! Not to say it's impressive in the least. In fact I'd still say it's not impressive at all. But the point is I'm getting there.

I hope you blog-readers are happy, because my pizza is cold.
Stupid blog.
Alright. Pizza's wrapped up in the fridge. I wasn't all that hungry anyway. Back to writing things.

So the light in my bedroom doesn't work. Hasn't worked for about a month now. It made this humming noise and the light flickered. Seemed to be only working at half-brightness and the dimmer didn't change anything. So since then I've been using my sister's lamp, which is a bit girly, and this awesome squishy nightlight type thing that my friend Jess gave me.

Speaking of Jess, she mentioned today that I should tell you all how awesome she is, and how there's nobody wittier, more skilled or better looking in the universe.
So that's me mentioning it.

There was something else that somebody told me to include, but I can't remember it. Must not be that important then.


  1. Just like my mother use to say.

    Don't take candy from strangers but beer is completely fine.

  2. I want my lamp back. How can a grey lamp be girlie? Is it the beads?

  3. Stalking you through Cameron's blog. I haven't bothered to read your entries. Just came by to say HI.

  4. Dude cold pizza is good too :V


    Wtf am I might you ask?

    <_< Jamie linked me to your blog to show me your cool pictures, which are by the way, very cool indeed.