Thursday, June 5, 2008

Cameron and the eternal stench

I was planning on going to bed about half an hour ago, but Cameron gets upset when I don't talk about him enough. So let's talk about Cameron.

Cameron is a big smelly emo who denies his emo-ness, and is smelly. He lives in a far away land which is too far to walk to, and thus I see him about once every four months. But I don't mind, because he smells so bad. He lives in a house with his girlfriend Lauren, who doesn't smell because she's cool. They have a cat called Yoshi and a projector TV. Cameron works in an office with people who pay him in beer. Which is confusing and wicked at the same time. I feel sorry for the people he works with as their noses must hurt from the pegs they wear when Cameron is around.

Seriously though, Cameron's awesome. I love him <------------------this------------------> much.


  1. *BREATHS IN !* ahhhhh das good cameron.

  2. Yes. Cameron stinks so much it is unbearable. No wonder I spent all my time at his place outside smoking.

  3. Love the smell of Cameron in the morning, ahhhh.