Saturday, June 28, 2008

Humerous subject name.

So I think the last post I made was ages ago. A few weeks or something. I'm lazy like that, but here you are reading it anyway, so I've not been punished for my lack of updates.
My computer seems to have died on me. A bit of hard drive failure. I say a bit, but you know it's dead when Spinrite won't even help. And Spinrite always helps. So today's picture was drawn in paint because I'm on my sister's computer.
AARrrrghh. If there isn't a problem with my car, there's a problem with my computer. Speaking of my car, it's running better than ever. Maybe it's a see-saw situation - if I destroy my computer completely my car will turn into a Bugatti.

So I suppose one or two of you out of the three that read this have been wondering what I've been up to. Since telling you what I've been doing is what blogs are for. They weren't really created for whining, but 5 million emos might disagree.
There's been a lot of job applying and very little money earning, time spent with friends, time drinking, time regretting time drinking, and more job applying. I'm on a cycle of those things.
I think I'm actually starting to learn my way around the city now, thanks to all the time spent there recently. It's not as confusing as I once thought it was, but it's still just as expensive as I remember. As the knowledge of the city layout expands, so does my hatred for trains. How can it be that they smell worse exponentially? And the other passengers seem to be drunker and drunker. Some drunk girl on Wednesday had her ass cheeks up against the window while standing on the seat, mooning some guy who just got off the train. While hilarious, it's not the kind of thing one enjoys so close to their head.
Yesterday on the way home from a mate's I was lucky enough to get on the V-line. No drunk smelly people there, oh no. Huge comfortable seats. Clean too! And I could swear it was faster. That luck soon ran out when I had to get onto the Belgrave line though. Something like three trains before the one I was going to board had been cancelled, and the platform was more packed than I'd ever seen one. I held witness to the fastest seat-grabbing in history when the doors opened. It was like life or death musical chairs, standing being the death of your leg muscles. Also there was no music. I was somehow swept to the front of the justling and into a seat, I still don't know how. There was hardly room to breath in there. A guy was removed from the train because the doors tried to close on him. He was bald. And then angry.

On an unrelated note, I need somebody to make me a painting. A painting of Chuck Norris punching a lion in the face with it in a headlock, while holding a live grenade in his teeth. The background has to be made of nothing but fire, scorpions and sharks.
WHAT AM I DOING? I could be downloading last week's episode of Doctor Who!!
Alright, you can stop panicking. It's downloading now.

So I think that's all I can really bring myself to type right now, I'm being distracted by the smooth crooning voice of Michael Bublè. He's totally wicked.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Long story short

I decided that I hate public transport and that I'd rather drive to a friend's house. Knowing my tendency to get lost easily I made a trip-plan kind of thing. It had written on it every single turn I had to make, and the distance between each turn. Needless to say that I ended up an unbelievable distance from my destination in somewhat the wrong direction. It was aaaages before I actually got where I wanted to be.
Suddenly, Wednesday!
I just realised how long I'd be sitting here typing if I were to fill you in on the last three days, and it doesn't seem too appealing to me. We never ended up playing Lego Indy D: ! Terrible shame.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Don't talk to strangers

A little difficult when your part time work is nothing but going to strangers' houses. And giving them their dinner of course. I don't just go there to hang out.
Tonight one of the regular delivery customers gave me a beer! Apparently he was all out of loose change. I'd rather a beer any day, forget the change. Mum never told me anything about not drinking alchohol given to you by strangers. I'm drinking it right now!
Free beer is the best beer.

Not that you're particularly interested, but I've been keeping up with the exercising and the whole normal-people sleeping pattern. I'm actually enjoying it a bit! The number of sit ups/push ups/what-have-you that I can do has greatly improved! Not to say it's impressive in the least. In fact I'd still say it's not impressive at all. But the point is I'm getting there.

I hope you blog-readers are happy, because my pizza is cold.
Stupid blog.
Alright. Pizza's wrapped up in the fridge. I wasn't all that hungry anyway. Back to writing things.

So the light in my bedroom doesn't work. Hasn't worked for about a month now. It made this humming noise and the light flickered. Seemed to be only working at half-brightness and the dimmer didn't change anything. So since then I've been using my sister's lamp, which is a bit girly, and this awesome squishy nightlight type thing that my friend Jess gave me.

Speaking of Jess, she mentioned today that I should tell you all how awesome she is, and how there's nobody wittier, more skilled or better looking in the universe.
So that's me mentioning it.

There was something else that somebody told me to include, but I can't remember it. Must not be that important then.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Cameron and the eternal stench

I was planning on going to bed about half an hour ago, but Cameron gets upset when I don't talk about him enough. So let's talk about Cameron.

Cameron is a big smelly emo who denies his emo-ness, and is smelly. He lives in a far away land which is too far to walk to, and thus I see him about once every four months. But I don't mind, because he smells so bad. He lives in a house with his girlfriend Lauren, who doesn't smell because she's cool. They have a cat called Yoshi and a projector TV. Cameron works in an office with people who pay him in beer. Which is confusing and wicked at the same time. I feel sorry for the people he works with as their noses must hurt from the pegs they wear when Cameron is around.

Seriously though, Cameron's awesome. I love him <------------------this------------------> much.


Applying for jobs isn't among the most exciting of activities. I'd much rather be skydiving or something. Nothing to report since I spent the whole day not skydiving.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Stupid sit ups.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Brandon gets his way

So my friend Brandon wants me to update daily so he can read about adventures in Scott-land. Maybe his life isn't quite exciting enough, maybe he likes to liven up his day with a dose of Scott, maybe he's just nosy! It's a mystery!

So I didn't get my car back yesterday. The mechanic's daily promise of "definately tomorrow" made a reappearance. Don't blame him though, he was mostly just waiting for obscure 27-year old Honda parts to be delivered from Brisbane. It's not a very common car it seems. I've only ever seen two others out and about.
So I took the train down there and got it back a few hours ago. Did my usual thing of getting lost on the way, mind you. That's another skill of mine. I'm very good at getting lost. I had to duck into a petrol station and ask to use their Melways. The woman gave me the suspicious eye and hesitated when handing it to me, like I was going to flee the scene with her shiny new book. Do I really look like the kind of person to steal a Melways from a petrol station?
Anyway, turns out I didn't have quite enough money to pay for the repair, so I called in reinforcements. Dad's good at saving the day like that. But now I owe him slightly more than I did yesterday.

So I kept up with the exercising this morning. It was much more difficult this time around. You'd think it'd be easier. Willy explained the whole thing to me about the muscle-building curve which I remembered for about ten minutes, but I'll just accept that it's going to take a few more days for the HORRIBLE PAIN IN MY ABDOMEN to go away.

Oh, one last thing; I just called an employment agency that specialises in IT and the guy told me to go to What kind of employment agency does that? I was confused and enraged!

Monday, June 2, 2008


Quite a simple procedure, yet sometimes you still get the odd cut. But there are few people with the amazing ability to cut themselves shaving while using an electric razor. I am of course one of these people. Don't ask me how, it's just one of those incredible skills of mine.

So it's about that time of year when I decide to get fit again. This seems to happen every year. It's as annual as a summer girlfriend.
Got up this morning and did lots of sit ups and weight-lifts. I'm not even going to mention how many push ups because the small amount I'm capable of is just embarrassing. 7am every morning is now exercise o'clock. I'll keep it up this time, you'll see. -EDIT: I totally didn't keep it up.

Ooh, also, I get The Fortress (my car) back from the mechanic today! Woo!
It had this problem where it turned off all the time. When it's facing down a slight incline for example. Or if I stopped too fast. Or if I took my foot of the accelerator for any reason. It was pretty ill. But hopefully the surgery went well and it's ready for action!