Thursday, July 21, 2011

Finished anyway

Imagine him with a gravely Spanish accent.
"Ello. Iyam Antonio Tortorosa."

Theirs has a stupid name

Well crap.
I was browsing through old stuff and decided I'd do a proper drawing of Antonio Tortorosa. You may (you don't) remember him from a quick doodle a few years ago I got this far:

...before I thought of seeing if anybody else has had a similar idea. You know, musketeer tortoise kind of thing.
Turns out somebody at Hanna-Barbera had a almost identical idea FIFTY DAMN YEARS AGO. I envisioned mine as more of a Zorro character than those goofy ones they used to make. The plan was to make a single out-of-context page of a comic which doesn't exist, depicting him going about some heroic adventure. After this discovery I'm somewhat less enthusiastic about the idea.
If I discover that Fishbear looks exactly like a cave painting from 40,000 years ago, it's Hulk-rampage time. Or clobberin' time, I'll decide when the time comes.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Praises for the lazy


Get it? Get it?? ClasSCI-FIeds?! Goodness I'm clever.

Normally when I'm drawing I'll be listening to a podcast or something, and putting together an all-text image gets very confusing when you're trying to concentrate on a conversation. That is my official excuse for any and all mistakes you may or may not find in today's picture, which is another magnificent writing collaboration with one Cousin Joel. Many laughs are had between these back and forth calls, and I thoroughly enjoy them. I suggest you go call him right now and demand he entertain you.

This picture is pretty nerdy and not all of you are going to get every reference, but if you enjoy at least five I think we've succeeded.

Ahahh. Ohhh man. I noticed the mistake. I wrote Monday 19th of July.
Today is Tuesday 19th.
And I'm not going to fix it.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

More internet-inspired drawing

I say inspired, but what I made for this one is essentially a reproduction. Or not. Probably not. You be the judge.

Helloooooo new desktop.

Makes me want to ride a bicycle

After I read this brilliant comment, I immediately went to drawing a picture to accompany it. Turned out pretty well!

Building computers is fun, after all.