Thursday, July 21, 2011

Theirs has a stupid name

Well crap.
I was browsing through old stuff and decided I'd do a proper drawing of Antonio Tortorosa. You may (you don't) remember him from a quick doodle a few years ago I got this far:

...before I thought of seeing if anybody else has had a similar idea. You know, musketeer tortoise kind of thing.
Turns out somebody at Hanna-Barbera had a almost identical idea FIFTY DAMN YEARS AGO. I envisioned mine as more of a Zorro character than those goofy ones they used to make. The plan was to make a single out-of-context page of a comic which doesn't exist, depicting him going about some heroic adventure. After this discovery I'm somewhat less enthusiastic about the idea.
If I discover that Fishbear looks exactly like a cave painting from 40,000 years ago, it's Hulk-rampage time. Or clobberin' time, I'll decide when the time comes.

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  1. I remember the doodle walls. I always had one as a desktop.