Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Brandon gets his way

So my friend Brandon wants me to update daily so he can read about adventures in Scott-land. Maybe his life isn't quite exciting enough, maybe he likes to liven up his day with a dose of Scott, maybe he's just nosy! It's a mystery!

So I didn't get my car back yesterday. The mechanic's daily promise of "definately tomorrow" made a reappearance. Don't blame him though, he was mostly just waiting for obscure 27-year old Honda parts to be delivered from Brisbane. It's not a very common car it seems. I've only ever seen two others out and about.
So I took the train down there and got it back a few hours ago. Did my usual thing of getting lost on the way, mind you. That's another skill of mine. I'm very good at getting lost. I had to duck into a petrol station and ask to use their Melways. The woman gave me the suspicious eye and hesitated when handing it to me, like I was going to flee the scene with her shiny new book. Do I really look like the kind of person to steal a Melways from a petrol station?
Anyway, turns out I didn't have quite enough money to pay for the repair, so I called in reinforcements. Dad's good at saving the day like that. But now I owe him slightly more than I did yesterday.

So I kept up with the exercising this morning. It was much more difficult this time around. You'd think it'd be easier. Willy explained the whole thing to me about the muscle-building curve which I remembered for about ten minutes, but I'll just accept that it's going to take a few more days for the HORRIBLE PAIN IN MY ABDOMEN to go away.

Oh, one last thing; I just called an employment agency that specialises in IT and the guy told me to go to seek.com. What kind of employment agency does that? I was confused and enraged!


  1. "The adventures of Scotty!" hmmm .... sounds like a good idea for a comic maybe :o.

  2. You are damn right it sounds like a comic.


    But other then that i'll do a blog post on my blog tonight about you blogging on your blog talking about blogging for other people so we can all blog together blog.

    <3 Nicholas Cage

  3. At least one of us has our rockets working now ;D.Vroom Vroom.

  4. Seek is le poo! Remember how it took me almost 100 applications to even get a job? LE POO, I TELL THEE!!