Saturday, July 5, 2008

The greatest image in the world

Look at this. And I mean really look at it.
This - my friends - is fucking fantastic.
Brandon is fucking fantastic.
I love it.
Thank you Brandonius.

Employment! I'm getting there folks. Large amount of work coming from Dad right now, and there are some job-jobs on the table. One of them happens to be about two hours' commute away though. The other one is nowhere near as far, but not as serious or long lasting. It's quite a pickle indeed. There's the serious far away job that seems to be the beginning of a career of sorts, and the work-in-a-shop job that is outstandingly closer and not such a big decision. If you could add polls to blawg posts I'd let you three readers decide for me.

My cousin came over last night to play guitars, drink, eat nachos and watch Arrested Development. It was awesome fun! Lots of Foo Fighters and John Butler. He and I were born 17 days apart, so we've decided that next March we'll have one big family dinner for our 21st birthdays instead of two. The plan is that in doing this, we will have somewhat minimalised embarrassing stories from parents. The focus being on both of us rather than just the one. Unfortunately the more I think about it the less sense it makes. I did have a bit of beer in me when I came up with this plan. My main concern is that we'd need some sort of novelty oversized table. Ridiculously big. Impractically large.

You may remember that last week I said my computer died, and that my car may turn into a Bugatti. I was quite wrong. The next time I drove somewhere, my seat broke. The slider snapped off the part of the car it was connected to, so it rocks back and forth now. At least it takes the edge off the horrible suspension, so it's not all bad. But it still proves that my theory was wrong - it seems that all my possessions are doomed to break and die horrible deaths.
Perhaps I shouldn't have nice things, just for that reason.

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