Thursday, July 17, 2008

My nemesis Mspaint

Ohh fatty, will you ever learn?
In his defense, he is glued to the floor with liquid nails, so he can't get much exercise.
Speaking of which, I just remembered that I stopped doing that. My bad.

"So Scott," you may ask, "what's with the lack of updates recently?"
In answer to your question that I asked, the updates went through the wash in the pocket of my jeans, and were subsequently lost. I blame Evan mostly, because he's not here to defend himself. Even if he were here, I doubt he'd do anything more than say something like "Tschhhh...".
Updates have been a bit slow because I've been a bit busy. A sound excuse. Also I'm using this other computer that Dad lent me, and it's not particularly fun to use. Which has its benefits I suppose - spending less time on the computer is a good thing.
But I do miss Team Fortress 2.

So I was just on the phone, during which time I discovered that my mobile can only sustain about ten minutes of battery power while in a call. This doesn't seem like good news.
I doubt you can still buy new batteries for 3315s these days, that model being like seven years old or something. I'm hoping they're available somewhere, because I don't want to upgrade, I like that 3315. Although it only holds around 23 messages. That's not fantastic. But the thing's built like a fucking brick - they're indestructable! And no that is not a challenge. Do not steal my phone and throw it at a wall while I'm distracted.

Kung Fu Panda is very funny. Go see it. Now.

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