Monday, September 1, 2008

So apparently I'm popular

My friend Andrew brought something to my attention a few minutes ago; more than six people read my blog.
577 daily pageviews? Even if it's one person sitting there refreshing 576 times a day, that's still pretty impressive for something I don't update daily. Maybe I should start eh?
And with this update you'll of course need a drawing.
In truth, I did just remove it from an unfinished doodlewall, so you'll probably see it again some time down the road, because I'm lazy.
But you get what you pay for, and you're not paying me.

This blawg seems to have become nothing more than a personal drawing uploadey place recently, so I should bring it back down to the land of blogging for a while.
I bought some wicked 5.1 speakers, but they pop every so often and aren't surroundey. There's something up with this supposedly 5.1 sound card.
But away and into the realm of non-electric sound, I had my guitar taken in for surgery last week, and he's been picked up from the hospital today sounding better than ever. There's an addition too, it now has a peg on the neck-side so I can use a strap and be a mobile-guitarist. None of this sitting down nonsense anymore.

Evan, who of course you know, has introduced me to the wonders of an anime called 'Gurren Lagann'. Or 'Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann', I'm not quite sure which one. It's about a future society of humans who live (or lived) underground in tribes, of sorts, and their battles with giant robots piloted by Beastmen. Sounds ridiculous, but hear me out though because it's pretty good. After only eight episodes (all viewed yesterday) I found myself devastated at the loss of a particular character. Which goes to show that my goal of becoming an emotionless husk of a being is not progressing with much haste. I plan to go watch more episodes as soon as I post this.
Which is now.

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  1. Just checked my profile on that thing. 18,965,517?!?!?! Get stuffed. That's one fake website.

    Also, stop watching so many videos.