Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Since this is a competition

Clearly, Evan is under the impression that if he writes something on his blawg, I have to write something of equal or greater length on mine. Like his is only some form of payment to get me to update mine. Well guess what? I can't be bothered writing that much! I'm busy eating my sammich, and drinking my orange juice.
I could have a whine about a certain sister of mine - who will remain nameless - that decided it would be a fantastic idea to put on some awful, awful music at an ear-destroying volume to wake me up. Having only had four hours sleep, you could say I'm rather displeased.
But I won't, because that wouldn't achieve anything. Perhaps relieving her of the ability to use her legs would though.

The possibility of Evan complaining further about my lack of a long update won't stop me from leaving it there.


  1. But I won't, because that wouldn't achieve anything

    Bull! You complained so much!