Thursday, September 11, 2008


Well, digital painting.
I took a photo of my friend Evan - whose blog I should stop linking you to since he never updates it - about two years ago, I think. Maybe longer? Not too sure.
What I am sure of is that the photo reminds me of the end of the fantastic night of drinking and fun at a friend's house that came directly before it. Everybody but us had gone to bed hours before, and we sat outside watching the fire and the sunrise, enjoying a drink. Or two.
Or six.
Good times!

Having sixty or so drinks in me, I managed to miss the actual sunrise. But as soon as this was realised, I ran for the camera and began diving around Evan taking photos. Two of which (and only two) turned out magnificently. This - my first attempt at a proper painting - is a recreation of one of said photos which is pinned on my wall.
It's just over there.
You probably can't see it from that angle.


  1. Haha! Ten dollars! Horray!

  2. Got to say, that painting is frickin' awesome, man! Even more so for a first attempt!

  3. Love the painting, chummmmmmmmm.........p

    perhaps i will be a paint owning?