Sunday, August 3, 2008

Of Walruses and Possums.

The past couple of days can be accurately summarised by a picture of a walrus in a beer hat.

Tonight while working, I had a possum follow me to a customer's door. He was staring quite intently at the glorious foodstuffs within the bag from his vantage point on a branch not 50cm from my head. No doubt infuriated that he wasn't invited to feast upon said goods, he set off to stop me returning to my car by blocking the stairs behind me. I applauded his vigour and walked around him. I doubt lasagna is good for possums anyway. What do they eat, bugs or something? And fruit I suppose.
The owner of the house told me he saw some drunk kids at the station feeding a possum salt and vinegar chips, with some Jim Beam to wash it down. The possum went on to simply hang upside down for twenty minutes or so.

So I got the full version of the Spore Creature Creator, but this computer I've borrowed from Dad has no video card. And for some reason, some stupid reason that I can't seem to fix, it has no sound either. But I suppose those would only really be problems if the computer HAD A DAMN CD DRIVE! AAARRGHH!!! It fills me with a horrible rage! No music and no vidjagames. I'm dying here people! I'm taking donations in the form of a new computer. I'm looking at you, Jordan.


  1. Hey nice pants,
    invite me over to play
    when you get the game running!

  2. Stop being lazy and put XP back on YOUR computer. It broke because of your stupid method of fixing that rattle. "hmmmmm... just whack it!!!"

    I also like your pants....