Monday, August 11, 2008

Dr Savelove - Or - How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love Ctrl+S

Those new pants I bought last week? I just had a quick look at them and yes - they're still pants.

So I was actually drawing this picture last night, and I got the head and hair done when the computer decided it was time for a quick nap. I hate the feeling when that happens and you realise you completely forgot to save what you were doing. But it's okay because I think this one turned out a lot better anyway.

It snowed yesterday morning! This is by my count the second time this has happened at our house. Ever. I'd tell you about how incredible it looked, but I only saw it for about two seconds out of my window. The reason being that I didn't care and just wanted to go back to sleep. In my defense; sleeping is an important part of staying awake, and I need a good 22 hours of sleep a day. If I don't get that, I may not have the strength for my midday nap!
Apart from the snow, the weather has been disgusting up here recently. It rained all night last night (I know because I couldn't sleep until about 6. One too many cups of tea before bed) and it's been raining all day today. Thankfully it hasn't been too horrible while I'm working, because most people's houses around this area are surrounded by mud as it is.

So I'm awaiting the arrival of Evan, who's coming over to play guitars and maybe a bit of Bookworm Adventures with me. Don't look at that game and think it's for kids, because it's wicked fun.
Well, it is for kids, but it's also for cool people like Evan and I and Jerry Holkins.
When we get bored of all that it's time to head to Boyd's house, pick up the other guys and off to the bar, whereupon we will consume an extraordinary amount of potent potables for an amazingly small cost.
My definition of 'small cost' may change tomorrow morning.

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  1. I was involved in that event!
    I swear! I do social things!!!
    ...although it turned out badly
    I must admit.