Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Moose Viking

Jess tells me that there are moose in Sweden, but she hasn't seen any. So naturally that resulted in a request for a drawing of a Viking riding one.

I wanted to do a Frazetta kind of style for this, but that would take eight million hours to do properly, so I opted for a cartoony sort of Frazetta.
Still not sure how finished this is. I'm only now just noticing how tiny the Viking is compared to the moose. But that's okay; a giant moose is an awesome moose. The background should probably be more than just some colours. However, adding more background definition would require time and effort, and I am tired.

Exeunt Scott.


  1. Battle-Moose were known to be up to three times the size of the more modern, semi-domesticated moose.

  2. A Battle-Moose could seriously mess you up. They're covered in DLC Moose armour, right?