Friday, October 28, 2011

On Doing Better

All my drawings up to this point have been flat and two-dimensional. Not in the witty I'm-joking-because-they're-pictures way, but in the way that they lack a sense of physical depth to the scene. It really pisses me off, and is one of the reasons I start disliking most of them as soon as they're finished. Today's (actually Tuesday's) drawing is my first real attempt at breaking out of that 2D habit I have. That and the other habit of drawing only the subject and background. I tried to make this more visually appealing by showing more happening than somebody/thing just standing there, and I think I did that.

In my mind, this is the first step in the journey out of The Gap.

1 comment:

  1. Silly selection thing.... I'm not anonymous! I'mm Robbie!

    THis is a very fine picture! I enjoy if every time! I eagle-ly await your next, sir! Like an eagle.... All feathery and.... Look, it seemed funnier in my head and my backspace key doesn't work...

    No, YOU get it fixed then!