Saturday, June 5, 2010

The Fishbear Strikes Back

The birthday one is the saddest thing I've ever seen. I wonder why he doesn't have any friends. Could it be because he's a freak? A threatening carnivorous monster? A jerk? That was suggested by Tom.
And then there's the Twitter Whale/Fail Whale one suggested by Jem. It looks like he's being kidnapped by the birds, or he just really doesn't like flying.
EDIT: This is how I wrote 'Happy birthday Fishbear', because that's what I think his lack-of-handwriting would be like. And yes, that is my drawing glove.


  1. Why does Fishbear live at the top of a waterfall?

    Also, new "I think" Al Gore vs Fishbear. That is all.

    Super Cereal.

  2. He doesn't have gills, but he's half fish, so he lives near the water in a cave. Like a bear.

  3. But how did you hold the camera...?? :O WITCH!! BURN HIM!!

  4. I'd be friends with fishbear (if it had a facebook even!)
    What about Fishbear finally winning for once, perhaps stumbling upon a ball with which to play, or a tricycle for the bear part and a little castle or diver for the fish part.... or the lolrus' bukkit?