Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Empire Magazine

I have a hilarious image in my mind of Palpatine laying on the floor of his bedroom in a nightgown and slippers writing an entire magazine about himself, posting it (to himself), and then getting really surprised and exited when it arrives in the mail. Pouring over every article, putting the poster on the wall, taking the quizzes. Ahahahhhh... Yes. The articles suggested on the cover were thought of not just by me, but by Brotherman.
Good guy.
So, this whole Star-Wars-versions-of-real-magazines thing is going to become a trend here at the Scott Wears Pants offices, as Joel and I came up with about twenty more.


  1. Oh god I hope your favourite one is what I think it is!

  2. The dark side of the Dark Side: Palpatine Confesses All!