Saturday, September 26, 2009

Wisdom teeth, you are my nemeses

There was something slightly uncomfortable about Sexual Healing being played on the radio while having a dental examination. It's not like the lights were dimmed and she offered me a drink, but it was still a little weird.

So I promised Sydney photos and I didn't deliver. My bad. A bit late, but here are the ones from my phone. There are better photos from my girlfriend's camera, but I don't have them.
End of driving day.end of Bondi day
This kid's shirt says 'Lock up your daughters'.You can't see, but these two guys are wearing the exact same thing, and all three of them have the same hair.End of Zoo day.

There are more photos, but I think even putting this many up is enough for now.


  1. Photos galore!! Does that coffee cup say HIV??

  2. Yes.
    Yes it does. That's my post-Bondi hot chocolate. Looks more like HIV than H/C.

    There's a small explanation for each of the photos, so I'll edit the post later today.

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