Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Yeah, I had a few beers in me when I drew this.

So, I got a proper job recently, with people and suits and the city and important legal matters. Basically what this means is that I have a legitimate reason for not having drawn anything recently.
I do have a week off starting today, but that's being used to go on a little holiday with my girlfriend, rather than sitting on my ass and drawing. Getting away from mostly disgusting Melbourne weather will be a nice change.
Here are photos.

Driving Mike back home to The House of Man.A leak in the driveway at The House of ManHouse of Man loungeroom.Home, complete with disGUSTING weather.Skylight installed in the sky above our house, since we get so little sunlight.

Jessydog wants to go outside, then come back in, then go back out, then come back in...


Evan, and Alby's back on the right. We're BBQing.

My failed sudoku on the train to work.

Home, not so disgusting.


  1. Aww Jess, still just as indecisive and probably as senile as ever!

    Your weather looks better than ours and we're supposed to be in the middle of summer :(

    Also, the new commenting system won't let me comment with firefox! Grr!

  2. "Just a glass of beer...and in one moment the brain is stronger, the mind is clearer and the will is firm!" -Dostoevsky, Crime and Punishment.

    nice drawing. I can relate with the whole job aspect. Starving artists need an income too...

  3. Always with the "starving artists"...

    Why doesn't anyone ever think of the fat artists?

  4. Baahahahh, Kevin, you crack me up!
    Sydney was fun, expect about four thousand photos soon.

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