Thursday, October 14, 2010


Just whipped this up quickly. Space-travel in this game would be unbelievably awesome, but I don't see it ever happening.
I called it Spacecraft, but there IS no spacecraft otherwise there would be a reflection of it. Maybe it's behind him? I just thought if I added one it would look too busy and be ugly.
Obvious fact; still obsessed with Minecraft, and can't wait for for huge update later this month. It has Nightcrawler-like features!

Nightcrawler-like in that you'll have the ability to pop through a hell-like dimension, move a few metres, pop (or bamf) back, and be hundreds of metres from where you started. This is exactly what Nightcrawler does, and thus is awesome. It could only be cooler if something Doctor McNinja-ish was added.
He's my favourite.

I've been nabbed to do some commissions, so, pretty excited about that. Hopefully (in ages, I guess) when that all finishes up and is released I can put it up here too.

EDIT: Whoah! What if you could go a dimension deeper, and travel even further. Inception style, but with distance rather than time.


  1. You can go in to space?? Or did you actually make the whole thing yourself? Only played it briefly... once... when it was free :P

  2. In space, no one can hear that creeper right behind you.