Monday, April 12, 2010


My friends invited me to be part of their show on the Student Youth Network. It was on Saturday night, and went quite well. Lots of fun! I'll update this post with the podcast when it's available. Edit: the podcast won't be around until at least Friday.

You may remember my opposition to creating a Twitter account a while ago. Yeah, I made a Twitter account, but DON'T HURT ME! You see, mister Brother-of-mine made the point that I should create one to get more people interested in my drawings, and when enough people like them perhaps I can start selling things.
It was difficult to disagree.

Now off to draw a pumpkin house.


  1. Yeah, how was Syn? What was the show about?

    At least we never got MySpaces.

  2. Where's the pod cast you stooge!?!

  3. I'm waiting too, Matt. I'll put it here as soon as it's available. Go yell at Tom on the WikiCircuitry blog!

  4. Where is my pumpkin house!?!?!?!?!?!?