Friday, August 14, 2009

I think I've used this title once before

I coloured in a sketch by Brandon, who you may remember also sketched the soldier, and it came out quite nicely! The best thing is the way he's walking. He's so happy! And the fact that he's wearing a monocle just rocks. There are currently four people using this as their background right now, myself included. I have a bunch more at different resolutions, so if you'd like one just say the word.
If that's okay with Brandon, that is.
He's probably okay with it.

I'll admit that when I asked people for something to put on a shirt I wasn't expecting 100 ideas from people, but I did expect more than what I think is Claire describing the bloody death of two of my friends in a horrible ski-pole related murder. With that in mind, I've taken it upon myself to draw something stupid and random (surprise), and just expect you to like it. So tomorrow or the next day you can expect a picture of a brown bear flying menacingly at a terrified man in a hot air balloon.

Also, this is the greatest hot air balloon I've ever seen.


  1. Stras!! I should look for stras... I miss stras. And Milo. Always liked a bit of Doc Manhattan too.

    I could, of course, also say FIRST! But then I'd be a dick, so I... Hmm here we have a predicament...

  2. That looks like the power symbol, rather than the representation of a hydrogen atom and its electron configuration.

    Bouyancy accepted, Captain Needa.