Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Only Way to Stop Polar Bears Stealing Your Shoes

I'd update, but I haven't drawn anything!
Nothing particularly good anyway, so I've not bothered updating. I could just ramble on about nothing, but I know you, you came here for drawings. So how about this: I go draw something right now. And even if it's crap, I'll upload it.
Sound good?


That took ages because I couldn't think of anything. So this is the kind of thing you get when I can't think of what to draw.
I call him Mr Fuzzball.


  1. zombie goast you mean.

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  4. Awwwwah, he is just too adorable, can i take him home and keep him in a safe place? I shall name him Bot-Bot, only use him for good against the forces of responsibility and grown-up-ness, and give him lots of cuddles, and he shall cheer me up when i am sad, and remind me that the world can be a nice place, full of nice things made by scott!