Monday, March 23, 2009


I wanted to delete this, but my sexy SEXY girlfriend likes it and thinks I should leave it.
I really was, very drunk.

How is it, that at 5:12AM of your 21st birthday you find yourself reading about the mechanics of an internal combustion engine, while you're totally hot girlfriend is asleep in your bed? She's naked, if that helps my WTF argment. I'm up drinking whiskey and surfing Wikipedia. That's not right.


  1. you must be a complete drag if she's sleeping...

    atleast you're fulfilling your drinking responsibilities, happy 21st!

  2. More like he must be completely IN drag, amirite? Doh hoh hoh's a valid lifestyle choice.

    If you were interested in the mechanics of INTERNAL COMBUSTION, you could have simply asked your friend Rutherford Jones.

    Also Happy Birthday again.


    Sir Andeh of Pantsington

  3. Yo ... happy birthday. I do believe I caught the 'nuance' of the nakedness. So I'm sure it's fine that you're drinking the whiskey and surfing the net. Perfectly acceptible!