Saturday, October 11, 2008

Grumble grumble...

I just smashed my knee against my desk. I HOPE YOU'RE HAPPY.
I'm posting live from sunny My Room, where the temperature is a steady lovelyº. My breakfast is delicious and I am pantsless.
It's going to be a good day!

So the last month or however long has been pretty damn good. Lots of BBQs, time with friends and making sweet sweet music with Mark. He plays the drums. My good friend Rutherford Jones has started documenting his scientastic adventures. In science. Which I assure you are hilarious.

I've kicked out the old NES, given it a good blow (see 'dusting') and tried to finish Megaman 3. My efforts appear to be wasted though, as that game is goddamn impossible. I got past the first wave of bosses (which I could never do as a lad), but then then are just MORE bosses. And tougher to boot.
So after a few days of Megaman I naturally gave up as I am one to do, and shifted my interest instead to Super Mario Bros. Muscle memory can only get you so far. Still getting stuck where I did nine years ago.
All this Nintendo-ity has given me the urge to catch some Pokemon. But then I realise just how irritating that game is sometimes.

I'm still on the antique PC, unable to get my Pyro on, which is horribly unfair seeing as Rutherford has finally started playing TF2 and is loving it. This stone-age machine is mind numblingly annoying. It seems to have its own rules of science. Removing the two inactive and unreachable drives only gives it the ability to not turn on anymore, and it still won't accept the fact that there's a damn DVDrom in there.

Today Evan's having a BBQ! It's going to be awesome fun.
That is all.

Hey, speaking of pants, I think mine are dry now.
OHHHH yeah.
Is there any better feeling than jeans fresh out of the dryer? If there is I don't wanna know about it.
And how fitting for the end of the post; I just smashed my other knee against the desk.

Stupid desk.

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  1. And you call me smooth, beardy-less...